HSF e-Cards / account management

03/01/2016 09:00

If you require assistance accessing your account, need a password reset or have questions, please contact your provincial Resuscitation Program Team at:


Web: https://resuscitation.heartandstroke.ca (click forgot password) View instructions

Email: rsc@hsf.ca

Toll Free: (877) 473-0333


Your HSF profile allows you to track HSFC courses you have completed or registered for.


When contacting the HSF, have the following information available: 

Course ID number (starting with "C-")

HSF ID number


Both are listed on the course completion letter / receipt provided to you.


Basic Arrhythmia Interpretation for 1st time...
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Life Support Lear n Inc.

ACLS, ATLS and AMLS courses.


Beat2Beat training associates

ACLS and PALS courses

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Foundation for Airway & Craniofacial Education


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