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Our instructors come from a variety of educational backgrounds, ranging from medical doctors, nurses, firefighters, police and paramedics.
We believe that learning should be fun and that a healthy lifestyle is fundamental to a healthy heart.

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Take a course with us and qualify for a $100 discount on our HeartSine AEDs.

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Why are AEDs so important?

Automated External Defibrillator are important because they can save lives. 
Arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms) such as ventricular fibrillation cause most cardiac arrests. 
Using an AED can restore the heart’s normal rhythm in the event of cardiac arrest.  
Because AEDs are portable, safe and easy to use, they make it possible for people to quickly respond 
and greatly improve the odds of survival from cardiac arrest. 
Performing CPR and using an AED before Emergency Medical Services arrive 
can increase the chance of survival by up to 75 per cent. 
The Foundation urges anyone in close contact with those at high-risk of cardiac arrest 
to become trained in the use of AEDs.
Also check out our awareness and instructional videos here



Also check our store
Our company has partnered with Cardiac Science and other established distribution partners or contacts in the Canadian Market.
We provide a comprehensive one stop shopping solution for anything related to Cardiovascualr Emergency Care
Also check our store
Our company has partnered with various established distribution partners or contacts in the Canadian Market.
We provide a comprehensive one stop shopping solution for anything related to Cardiovascualr Emergency Care.

Samaritan AEDs are portable, affordable with low ownership cost. 


Easy to Use. Designed for use by all skill levels, the samaritan PAD is a completely self-contained unit with no lid to open, or complex displays or controls. Its simple one- or two-button operation and voice/visual prompts with clear instructions guide the user through every step, including electrode pad application, shock delivery and CPR.


One-Change Maintenance. Our innovative Pad-Pak™ houses both the battery and electrodes with one expiration date that eliminates the need and reduces the costs to track and inventory two separate items.


Samaritan AEDs are increasingly popular due to size and features.

When you book a course with us and  purchase an AED from our store, a $100 discount will be applied to any of these units (350P360P and 500P with CPR advisor)





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